Saturday, 13 November 2010

Black Ops Lag

As you may or may not know, the latest Call of Duty installment is prone to lagging quite a lot in multiplayer.
Hopefully Treyarch will be able to solve this shortly, but in the meantime try this:

  1. Start Steam and CoD: Black Ops
  2. Alt-Tab out of the game and open the task manager
  3. Find the two processes for steam and CoD
  4. Right-click and set the priority for CoD to high and the priority for Steam to low
  5. Play, hopefully with reduced lag
It's also said that the latest patch has solved some of the problems, but I haven't gotten the time to try it out yet.

Thanks for reading!


  1. man my black ops lags like hell i think its cod4 4 ever for me!

  2. black ops is still everywhere sold out :/ don't wanna download it...

  3. thanks for the tip. The lag is really bothering me.

  4. Well it's a new game, there's bound to be glitches, it happens with every game. Unfortunately, more often with the Call of Duty franchise :(

  5. It has problems for xbox too. Some minor lag but mostly problems with parties joining together in a match right now. They'll have updates like they do for every CoD to fix these problems.

  6. Great info, I don't play CoD but since I get low fps while playing some other games, this might help!